Did Cyclone Nada make a difference?

With Cyclone Nada well out of the way the overall feeling is Rains in Tamil Nadu on account of this disturbance has been well below expectations.  While sky high expectations was built among the public thanks to an active mainline media and an even more active social media the end result betrayed most of these expectations.  So did Cyclone Nada actually turned a damp squib or did it make any meaningful contribution overall?


If one were to look at the average daily rainfall for Tamil Nadu & Pondy the two days of Cyclone Nada has given roughly 25% of how much the season had got till then over 2 months.  24.6 mm over 2 days compared to 100.6 till 30th November.  This indicates pretty much shows how poor the season has been rather than showing Cyclone Nada in good light.  But the two days does indicate what could have been probable if we had the tropical disturbances going our way during the season.  Between 1st December to 3rd December the rainfall deficit dropped from -72% to -66%


If one were to look at the rainfall pattern spatially it possibly indicates how Cyclone Nada flattered to deceive with the rainfall concentrated into two sets of areas one over South Central TN and the other over North TN & adjoining areas of South AP.  Thanks to getting sheared and weakening before landfall the delta districts ended up missing out on the rains majorly though over the last 3 days the highest rainfall possibly fell over the Palk strait. A majority of the state had very little to cheer about on account of Cyclone Nada.

Nevertheless Cyclone Nada certainly has ensured the convection bands push up a bit in latitude and has brought back the instability into the atmosphere that will possibly help with some isolated rains over the next day or two in the Coastal Region.