COMK Early SWM 2021 Inference

Weather Update

Long term weather inference is mostly Utopia if one is serous about understanding weather. Particularly in a tropical weather zone like India & a complex largescale weather phenomenon like Southwest Monsoon. But keeping in mind the needs for sections like agriculture which might need an early update to plan cropping cycle / choose crops wisely based on how monsoons shape up and water availability changes due to monsoon performance.

Today’s post is by no means a certainty and will have to be taken with a pinch of salt like every Long Term weather inference. The objective of the post is only to give a basic idea on what may happen on the basis of how things are evolving on a global scale with Pacific Ocean as the focus point. We have deliberately ignored Indian Ocean as a cause in order to understand its implications separately. In the coming days we will be providing another update based on how Indian Ocean is expected to behave during the monsoon months.