Clear Weather in TN as Cyclone Roanu gets closer to Landfall

As Cyclone Roanu moves along a Northeast ward track most parts of Tamil Nadu is expected to see fairly clear weather across the state with some places in interior Tamil Nadu recording below normal day time temperatures particularly around North Interior Tamil Nadu.

In the  meanwhile Cyclone Roanu has continued its Northeast track and now lies just off West Bengal / Odisha Coast continuing to move towards the Bangladesh coast and is expected to make landfall around Chittagong by tonight or early tomorrow morning.  IMD does not expect any further intensification in Cyclone Roanu and is now expected to make landfall as a cyclonic storm and dissipate very fast.  Weather_Update_1

In the meanwhile yesterday also saw Chennai record day time max temperature that was a degree lesser than normal under the influence of the Cyclone Roanu which continues to influence the sub continent climate particularly in Peninsular India.  Weather_Update

Chennai is likely to see day time temperature of around 36 / 37 degrees with today also temperature being closer to normal or possibly marginally lesser than normal as Sea Breeze is expected to keep temperatures under check after noon.  Places like Vellore, Trichy & Madurai could see a day time high temperatures of around 38 degrees while Coimbatore could stay at a more comfortable 35 / 36 degrees.

There is some chance of some thunderstorms develop in North Interior Tamil Nadu though as things stand they could be very isolated and possibly provide a few minutes of passing showers at max and no heavy rains expected going by model outputs.