Moderately warm Weather in Chennai, Isolated rains in Interior TN

Though the rains stopped some time back Weather in Chennai was mostly pleasant with an extremely comfortable night and a pleasant early morning today.  The maximum in Chennai yesterday was almost 5 degrees below normal and it was pretty much the trend across most parts of Tamil Nadu.  In the meanwhile many places of Interior Tamil Nadu received heavy spells of rains under the influence of the moisture drag created by Cyclone Roanu that now lays close to Vishakapatnam.


Yesterday many interior places received fairly heavy rains as moisture got dragged over Peninsular India by Cyclone Roanu.  Particularly Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri & Tiruchirappalli districts got the best of the rains along with delta districts which received these rains as the storms moved down towards the sea.

Today also we are likely to see interiors get rains at a few places while there is some chance of some places in North Coastal Tamil Nadu receive isolated spells of rains.


In the meanwhile temperatures are expected to stay moderately warm today as well under partly cloudy conditions.  Though temperature is not expected to stay 5 degrees below normal we could possibly see closer to normal or slightly below normal temperatures in Chennai as moderately warm weather in Chennai continues under the influence of the Bay Cyclone.  With winds pretty much going to be Westerlies for most of the day we could possibly see temperatures dip later in the evening if the interior thunderstorms develop in places closer to Chennai.