Kathiri Veyyil shows up its face once again, Hot day on the cards

Yesterday as Roanu was winding down near Bangladesh Chennai;s Kathiri Veyyil showed up its face once again with temperatures going up a notch across the state.  In particular Chennai saw both Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam observatory record in excess of 39 degrees for what is the hottest day in May 2016 so far.

Ensemble Models indicate Chennai temperature to be 2 / 3 degrees higher than normal for the next few days.  With Westerlies firmly established over North Coastal Tamil Nadu the last couple of days have seen Northwest winds dominating during the day time which showed up in the increased temperature yesterday.  Model outputs indicate today could also be a day of Northwest winds with sea breeze expected to be weak and set in late in the afternoon.


Many places in interior Tamil Nadu could get back into the 40’s routine with few places expected to even top 41 degrees today due to the presence of strong Westerlies.  While models indicate Chennai to be around 38 / 39 degrees places like Vellore, Tiruttani & Trichy are in line to cross 40 degrees and record max temperature around 41 degrees.  Its going to be a routine Kathiri Veyyil day for most parts of Tamil Nadu


In the meanwhile we are likely to see rains in interior parts of South India, particularly around South Karnataka & Western Tamil Nadu thanks to the instability created by the excessive heat and also the presence of very high CAPE around the region which could aid the development of thunderstorms under ideal conditions.   Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri & adjoining districts of South Karnataka like Ramangaram, Bangalore Rural could be in line for these rains along with parts of Rayalaseema as well.   West Coast is also likely to see rains at many places under the influence of strong pre monsoon current in the region.