Chennai Weather – Pleasant Day Possible Rains later in the day

Yesterday Chennai saw a comfortable day right through with the Max day time temperature not even touching 32 Degrees in Nungambakkam.  As expected rains happened in and around Tambaram towards the evening with some heavy spells in places near Camp Road / Madambakkam etc.  Whats in Store today?

As expected the formation of Low Pressure Area has been confirmed by IMD yesterday.  The Low Pressure Area now lies off the Central Andhra Coast and is expected to move in a W / NW direction in the days to come.  As things stand this low pressure area is expected to provide heavy to very heavy rains over many places of Coastal AP, Telengana and some parts of Odisha & Chhatisgarh.


Thanks to the support from Southwest winds there is a fair bit of moisture that is getting pushed across from Arabian Sea all over Peninsular India.  This is going to give some good rain possibilities for many places in Interior Karnataka as well. At all levels there is extremely high levels of moisture available which could result in isolated rains at a few places of North Tamil Nadu and in some cases some heavy spells of rains as well.  Most parts of Tamil Nadu is also going to enjoy the lovely weather thanks to the LPA with possibly places like Vellore / Tirupathur expecting to be having a day time high of less than 30 Degrees.

As far as Chennai Weather is concerned its going to be another extremely pleasant day with temperatures hovering around 30 Degrees.  There is some possibility of few spells of rains towards afternoon / late evening.  With some luck we might end up having a decent day of rains today.