Chennai Summer gets ready for Overdrive with hottest day yesterday

Chennai Summer that started slow compared to the rest of Tamil Nadu has taken decisive steps over the last couple of days in getting into overdrive. Yesterday saw Chennai Airport almost touching 40°C, finally settling at 39.2°C.  The observatory in the city was not far behind settling at 36.7°C to end up a very hot day with both observatories recording their hottest days of 2016 respectively.  Similarly in the interiors Dharmapuri matched its all time highest April temperature of 41 degrees indicating how hot it has become off late with Sun now almost at the same latitude of Tamil Nadu.


In what is likely to be hot day across the country, large swathes of India is expected to stay in excess of 42°C today which is pretty much obvious in the map above that is almost painted red all over the map.  Particularly Central India & East India are likely to see oppressive conditions during day time with some places in Telengana / Vidharbha / Odisha  expected to be close to 45°C today as well.


Most parts of Tamil Nadu is expected to see temperatures in the region of 38 / 39°C with some places like Dharmapuri, Vellore, Karur, Salem, Trichy etc crossing 40°C once again today.   As mentioned above severe conditions are likely to persist over parts of Andhra & Telengana along with the adjoining regions of Odisha & Vidharbha.

Chennai Summer is likely to show its face today as well with temperatures in the city expected to be about 2 degrees higher than normal at around 36 / 37°C while some of the suburbs like Meenambakkam could see hotter day at around 38°C.



The temperature anomaly chart shows the story with the interiors of of Tamil Nadu seeing day time temperatures to the tune of almost 4 degrees higher than normal with coastal areas seeing temperatures in the region of 2 degrees hotter than average.  Similarly abnormally high temperatures could be observed in parts of Andhra & Karnataka as well.