Heat Wave in Telengana – No immediate end in sight

In what is turning out to be one of the worst in recent times, Heat wave in Telengana is carrying on unabated and it appears there is no immediate end in sight.  Along with parts of Vidarbha & Odisha it is Telengana that is seeing the ugly face of this scorching summer so far.  While Heatwave in Telengana region is not unheard off what is peculiar this year is the early onset of scorching summer.

Possibly under the influence of devolving El Nino most places have been seeing temperatures cross 40 degrees regularly while places like Medak, Nalgonda & Ramagundam in Telengana and Anantapur, Kurnool & Rentachintala in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh have started seeing day time maximum temperature stay around 43 degrees almost on a daily basis.


As one can see from the table above since the turn of new Durmukhi year the temperatures have shot through the roof in most places of Andhra & Telengana resulting in severe heat wave in Telengana.


Most of South India is expected to see hot conditions continue today as well with interior places expected to see oppressive conditions at many places.  Particularly most of Telengana is likely to see temperatures in excess of 42 / 43°C with a few places possibly touching 45° to.  Things are slightly better off for Tamil Nadu thought hot conditions are likely to persist with many interior places continuing to see temperatures in the region of 38 / 39°C.  Few places are expected to cross 40 degrees in the Norht & Central Tamil Nadu regions.

Chennai is likely to see another fairly hot day with temperatures expected to stay around 36 / 37 degrees with the suburbs possibly seeing a couple of degrees higher due to the more Southerly breeze showing its impact in the suburbs away from the coast line.   Meenambakkam could be in line to score another century (100°F) with temperatures expected to stay around 38°C.


In a continuing pattern parts of Central & East India are likely to extreme conditions during the day with many places of Uttar Pradesh also getting added to the list today.