2016 Hottest Day in Tamil Nadu Recorded, similar conditions to continue

Yesterday saw the hottest day in Tamil Nadu for the year 2016.  Karur, Vellore, Trichy & Tiruttani recorded temperatures in excess of 41 degrees while Salem, Dharmapuri, Tirupattur, Palayamkottai & Madurai recorded above 40 degrees.  In the above list except for Salem & Madurai all the other places have recorded the hottest day of 2016 so far.   Similarly both Chennai Nungambakkam & Airport observatories recorded their hottest days of 2016 so far with 36.6 & 38.8 degrees respectively.   The previous hottest day in Tamil Nadu was recorded during the month of March between 20th March & 23rd March


Most of South India has been seeing above average temperatures for the last few days with some places seeing day time temperatures that are hotter by more than 3 degrees compared to normal temperatures at this time of the year.  For example Bidar in North Interior Karnataka saw 5 degrees departure from normal temperature yesterday.  Going by the anomaly maps while there is some marginal reduction in anomalies seen things are likely to be very similar today as well.  As one can see in the map almost pretty much most of Tamil Nadu is in the Orange zone indicating the above average temperatures across the state.


Similar conditions are likely to exist today as well with most of Tamil Nadu expected to see day time high temperatures of around 40°C across most places of the interior regions.  One or two places in the North & Central Tamil Nadu region could see temperatures cross 41 degrees.

Chennai is expected to see another hot day with day time temperatures expected to be around 36 degrees while suburbs could be a degree or so higher