Chennai Summer continues to Blaze, Equals Hottest Day of 2016

Chennai Summer continues to blaze through with yesterday Chennai Nungambakkam recording 40.8°C equaling the highest temperature for this  season recorded on 22nd April 2016.   Both Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam observatories were in the top three hottest places of Tamil Nadu and could have been the hottest places if not for the usual suspect Tiruttani which recorded 41.5° yesterday.


If one were to look at the anomaly charts for the last few days the impact of Westerly winds becomes quite obvious as the places in the East Coast of Peninsular India have started showing up some of the highest anomalies in terms of temperatures.   This is in sync with the temperature data as well.  Places in AP & Telengana states have started topping the temperature charts of the country once again with Ramagundam the hottest place yesterday.


Today also we are likely to see temperatures stay around 40 degrees for most parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu with the region starting from the western suburbs of Chennai to Arakkonam / Tiruttani seeing possibly the hottest area of the state.  Coastal Andhra & parts of Telengana is likely to be under oppressive conditions as some places in the region are expected to touch 44 / 45°C.


A near perfect Chennai Summer day expected with sea breeze expected to set around 3:00 PM in the North Coastal Tamil Nadu which will bring relief to places near the coast and some of the core city areas.   Western Suburbs like Ambattur, Avadi could see temperatures inch closer to 42 degrees while the Airport & city areas could possibly see temperatures marginally lower than yesterday.

Parts of Interior Tamil Nadu could see convective rains around Salem / Namakkal / Perambalur region consequent to high instability expected to prevail in the region later in the day today.  There are some chances of rains in the Western parts of the state as well though we need to watch how it evolves in conjunction with possible role by the sea breeze to.