Sizzling Summer in Tamil Nadu notches up under Blazing Sun

As the Agni Nakshatram winds down Summer in Tamil Nadu continues to Sizzle under the Blazing Sun as 15 places in Tamil Nadu scored a century recording maximum temperatures in excess of 100°F.  Both the Chennai observatories recorded above 40°C after more than a month.   On April 23rd we saw both Nungambakkam & Meenambakkam record temperatures in excess of 40°C post which the Agni Nakshatram period was fairly kind till this week.


As mentioned a couple of days back since Cyclone Roanu completed its journey the Westerlies have pretty much dominated the surface wind pattern.  In a relentless attack of Westerlies the sea breeze has been struggling to make any impact what so ever over the East Coast of Peninsular India.   As one can observe from the above charts the West / Northwest land breeze bulldozes its way through towards the coast bringing with it the radiation creating extremely uncomfortable conditions.  If one were to look at the pattern of sea breeze over the last few days it has been struggling to push back the Westerlies and move inland instead it just waits off the coast for almost the whole day before making its presence late in the evening when the Westerlies start to loose the support of overhead sun.


Due to this battle between the Westerlies & Sea Breeze the city has started seeing two different weather conditions with places within about 10 kms from the coast possibly enjoying marginal respite from the sea breeze while the interior suburbs see the temperature peak well into the evening as Westerlies hold fort preventing the sea breeze moving further inland.

Today also we are likely to see similar conditions with Chennai likely to record temperatures close to 40 degrees as models expect temperatures to be marginally hotter than yesterday.  Going by model outputs we could possibly see the Western suburbs like Ambattur, Avadi, Poonamallee, Sri Perumbudhur, Tiruvallur etc record maximum temperatures in excess of 42 degrees while the city could possibly see a weak sea breeze around 3:00 PM bring some relief to the places closer to coast. All in all it is going to be a pretty much Blazing Summer In Tamil Nadu today as well.