Another day of Rains in parts of Chennai

Parts of Chennai received evening thunderstorms yesterday as rains the thunderstorm season for Tamil Nadu continued yesterday as well.  The preliminary rainfall data from the IMD stations in the state indicate the overall rainfall has certainly reduced in comparison to the last couple of days.  The Daily Mean Rainfall for TN & Pondy reached its peak yesterday as the overall deficit was cut to just -1% from -20% a couple of days back.

Anna University got the heaviest spell of rains in Chennai as thunderstorms moved in from the Northwest of the city giving rains to the West & Northern suburbs passing its way through the central business district on its way to the sea.  The highlight of this active spell of thunderstorm  has to be Tiruvannamalai district which has been seeing almost on a daily basis one station record a heavy burst of rains with Cheyyar seeing 52 mm between 0:30 to 1:30 AM.

In the meanwhile on a macro scale the Southwest Monsoon can now be called as in “Break Period” with the daily standardized rainfall over the monsoon period dropping below -1 for the 3rd straight day.  In all probability we will see it continue for a 4th straight day with possibly the sequence ending for a few days while parts of West Coast get some rains.

Weather models indicate an increased rainfall activity over the West coast for the next couple of days with Coastal Karnataka picking up rains today and Kerala also seeing increased rainfall activity from tomorrow.  This certainly does not indicate a revival of monsoon with things still looking much lesser than what is expected of the peak rainfall period for Southwest Monsoon.

Thunderstorms in Tamil Nadu has shown some bit of reduction yesterday compared to the last few days, today will possibly see some more easing of the thunderstorms.  While isolated thunderstorms are likely over South Tamil Nadu, north TN could see a much more subdued activity.  One key ingredient which has been playing an active role in these thunderstorms is the sea breeze which has been very strong for the past week or so from today till about 6th or so with things picking up once again from then.

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