Overnight Rains in Chennai as Thunderstorm season continues

Many parts of Chennai received overnight rains as the thunderstorm season in Tamil Nadu continued with another good day of rains reported in many paces of the state.  The areas in South Chennai and Southern suburbs enjoyed the best spell of rains as many stations reported burst of heavy spell of rains just after midnight. Tiruvannamalai district saw a second day of good rains along with Kanchipuram district in North TN.

While the two IMD observatories in the city recorded about 1 cm of rains the weather stations further South in OMR, Sathyabhama & Hindustan University recorded the heaviest rains near Chennai. As has been the pattern for the last few days bulk of the rains fall in one heavy spell.  Hindustan University recorded 6 cms in one hour between 1:30 and 2:30 early in the morning.   Similar heavy spells were reported among other IMD Weather Stations in the state like Vadipatti in Madurai dt, Perambalur & Vedasandur in Dindigul district.

Models indicate some decent rains for South Tamil Nadu today with possibly some spell of rains in North TN as well though it could depend on how soon the clouds clear from the early morning rains over the areas.  While South TN will possibly see clearer skies and the impact of Sea Breeze could be quiet clearly prevailing over the region North TN may possibly see below normal temperatures and a lesser impact by sea breeze which could also play a role in the thunderstorm development.

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