Another day of Heavy Rains in Tamil Nadu, will third straight day happen?

It was another day of Heavy rains in Tamil Nadu as many parts of the state recorded rainfall figures which could be mistaken for a normal Northeast Monsoon day.  Kanchipuram and Vellore district recorded some of the heaviest spells of rains as South Chennai & Southern suburbs of Chennai enjoyed perfect thunderstorms last evening and was followed up with the mild rains right from midnight till early morning from the remnant thunderstorms that moved in from the interiors. Weather_Update_2

While South Chennai and suburbs enjoyed very good spells of rains the IMD observatory at Nungambakkam recorded about 10 mm rains for the same period.   Northern suburbs missed out on most of rains with only spells of light rains happening.

Models indicate possibly another good day of rains for Tamil Nadu with interiors possibly enjoying a perfect thunderstorm day once again particularly in South AP, South Interior Karnataka & North Interior Tamil Nadu expected to benefit from highly instable conditions expected to prevail in the region.   More often than the days when we have seen the remnant thunderstorms sustain till the day break of the next day rainfall pattern does not happen as expected by models due to drastic change in the initial conditions as estimated by models and the ground realities. So possibly we could see a much lesser rainfall pattern than originally estimated.   Nevertheless Moderate Rains in Tamil Nadu is possibly expected even if the heavy rains does not happen as estimated by models.


Chennai could possibly see another rainy day with late evening convective activity a possibility giving isolated thunderstorms in a few areas around the city.  South Tamil Nadu will see another good day of rains with areas around Pudukottai / Sivaganga enjoying possibly 4th straight day of good rains in the region.