Clear Day with possible Evening Thunderstorms for Coastal Tamil Nadu

Parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu recorded rains continuing the pattern of evening thunderstorms since the last few days.  Delta areas of the state once again benefited from these thunderstorms along with parts of Dindigul, Pudukottai, & Sivaganga districts.  Thanks to the remnant thunderstorms lingering during the first half of the day most parts of North Tamil Nadu was under cloudy skies early morning which meant sea breeze did not set in during the afternoon like the previous days.  This possibly played a role in the subdued activity over North Coastal Tamil Nadu unlike what models estimated.


In a much needed relief to the East Coast the Bay low pressure has ensured many parts of the region has got more than normal rainfall over the last few days.  In particular Central AP & Delta region of Coastal Tamil Nadu has enjoyed the most out of these spells of rains.  What is still a worry is core monsoon areas continue to be under pressure with sub normal rainfall in the west Coast and the Kanyakumari district of South Tamil Nadu.


Isolated rains are likely to continue in Tamil Nadu particularly around the Coastal regions of Delta area once again.  The districts of Nagapattinam, Pudukottai, Sivagana stand a fair chance of seeing another day of moderate thunderstorms.

There is a fair chance of evening thunderstorms for North Coastal Tamil Nadu around Chennai triggered by the advent of Sea Breeze which could play a more prominent role thanks to the slightly more clearer skies during the day creating the necessary temperature gradient between land & ocean for it to take effect.   The upper level moisture and atmospheric conditions are fairly conducive today as well around North Tamil Nadu and needs a good trigger which sea breeze could provide today if the front moves in as estimated.