Rains lash Coastal Tamil Nadu, could continue today as well

Yesterday saw Coastal Tamil Nadu record rains at many places with the delta region enjoying moderate to heavy rains at many places which could go a long way in helping the farming community of the area with their water requirement for the crops that have been sowed.  In particular the Coastal Tamil Nadu stretch between Cuddalore & Nagappattinam recorded in what could  be one of the most widespread thunderstorms of this Southwest Monsoon season for Tamil Nadu.  Many places recorded more 50 mm rainfall during the evening and late night thunderstorms in the Coastal Tamil Nadu region.  Not often one sees a list restricted to above 20 mm and still end up with almost 25 places during Southwest Monsoon season which indicates how widespread the rains were Weather_Update

In a curious case Chennai continues to miss out with similar pattern forming yesterday as well with thunderstorms forming to the west of Chennai and moving south with places to the South of Tambaram and the OMR area getting good rains while the city was left high and dry for most of the time except for occasional spells of light rains.  Thiruporur at the end of the OMR ended up recording above 3 cms while Thaiyur near Kelambakkam recorded about 15 mm rains for the same period.


Things look good for another day of rains for Coastal Tamil Nadu with most things in place once again for creating the necessary instability in the atmosphere for the convective thunderstorms to develop during the day.  The region around North Coastal TN / South AP is expected to see fairly high CAPE which could play a role in the development of thunderstorms to the benefit of Chennai possibly.  With Chennai continuing to miss out it is becoming increasingly difficult to estimate the rainfall pattern for the city even when estimated conditions are fairly conducive for rains.  West coast could see isolated heavy rains in a few areas thanks to the off shore trough which though has weakened but still is expected to aid rainfall in places like Kerala.