Chennai Airport sees hottest April since 2000, Is there a Long Term Warming?

April 29, 2017 7:30 am COMK 95

Its a common joke that Chennai has only three seasons, “Hot, Hotter & Hottest” using this analogy we are in the cusp between Hotter & Hottest season with May signalling the hottest season for us.  For most people elsewhere the first thing that strikes when one mentions Chennai is its heat, you hear it regularly from the cricket commentators especially during those test matches played in Chennai.  Similarly we always keep hearing the city is getting hotter and hotter as days progress is there any merit in that argument? Let us find out. If one were to look at the [Read More]

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Evolving Low Pressure in Bay – Catalyst for Seasonal Wind Change

April 13, 2017 7:24 am COMK 116

The stage is set for the development first Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal, first for the year 2017, bring excitement among all weather bloggers & watchers.  The upcoming tropical disturbance is expected to form from a Trough of Low Pressure with embedded Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation currently  lying over the Andaman Islands within the next 24 to 48 hours. As one can observe from the pictorial representation Indian Sub Continent is subject to two seasonal wind regimes.  The Westerly Wind regime between Apr/May to October and Easterly Wind Regime between October to Apr./May.  The Southwest Monsoon & Northeast Monsoon [Read More]

Chennai Drinking Water Crisis – Ticking Time Bomb

March 31, 2017 8:11 am COMK 54

While Chennai has been spared of the heat wave conditions prevailing across large parts of the country the looming summer and the failure of last year’s Northeast Monsoon has now set a ticking time bomb for Chennai.  A Drinking Water Crisis is now a certainty for Chennai unless a miracle happens. Over the years the three reservoirs in Tiruvallur district along the Northern fringes of Chennai, Red Hills Cholavaram & Poondi, along with Chembarambakkam near Poonamallee have been the traditional drinking water sources for the capital of Tamil Nadu.  In the past when ever the city has seen shortage of [Read More]

2016 The Warmest Year on Record

February 7, 2017 7:27 am COMK 77

2016 has ended as the warmest year on record surpassing 2015 numbers by a fair margin.  On the back of the Super Nino which prevailed over the entire 2015 and whose effects lingered possibly longer than expected 2016 scorched quite a few records on its way to becoming the warmest Year on Record.  2015 & 2016 now holds the records for 11 of the warmest months with 2016 having 8 of the warmest months and 2015 recording 3 of the warmest months ever.  1998 is the lone exception which holds the warmest June recorded ever.  Incidentally October – December which [Read More]