Windy Conditions to keep Temp in Check for Coastal Tamil Nadu

As hot conditions prevail over most of Interior Tamil Nadu, coastal areas of the state have been lucky so far to stay away from the hot conditions on a more regular basis.  As one can understand from the chart except for Chennai Airport most of the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry have still not touched even 36°C as their hottest recorded temperatures for 2017 with Karaikal at a very comfortable 34°C hottest day so far in 2017.  Compare that with the interior places which have seen 40°C already recorded in 6 places while Vellore and Karur have both recorded in excess of 41°C.

The key factor that has been helping the coastal areas has been the presences of active Easterlies / Sea Breeze which has been moderating the conditions over these areas keeping not only temperatures under check but also making it more comfortable though a slight increase in humidity happens due to the influx of moist air from the Sea.

Today is expected to be similar with strong Easterlies / Sea Breeze expected to happen from the afternoon along the coastal areas and more pronounced over North Coastal TN keeping temperatures under check.  As one can observe from the chart gusts of up to 27 kms per hour is expected along the coastal areas during late evenings making it a windy day after the temperature peaks around late afternoon.  The stretch along Chennai and parts of South Andhra Pradesh coast is likely to see the windiest conditions making it a good day to head to Marina and enjoy a walk along the sea shore.

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