Marginal Increase in Temperatures expected for Chennai

So far Chennai has been fairly moderate as fas as day time maximum temperatures are concerned thanks to the Easterlies and Sea Breeze providing timely intervention.  Even as places in Interior Tamil Nadu continues to see hot conditions and showing signs of summer taking grip the city observatory in Nungambakkam has crossed 35°C only a few times.

The weekend though could show a slight increase in temperatures for Chennai as numerical models indicate a marginal increase for the city and suburbs around it.  While the sea breeze is expected to provide some relief for the city we could possibly see weak Easterlies which could influence the overall temperature pattern making it hotter in the suburbs like Avadi / Tiruvallur where temperatures could possibly touch 38 / 39°C.

Going by models there is a fair chance of Nungambakkam touching 36 for the first time in 2017 and similarly Meenambakkam touching 38 for the first time during the weekend.

Interiors will continue to see hot conditions persist with once again the usual suspects like Karur, Vellore, Trichy & Madurai along with Salem seeing maximum temperatures in the region of around 40 /41°C

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