Will Chennai Rains finally break the jinx

It was a case of so near yet so far for Chennai once again last evening.  The expected storms did happen near Chennai but in a late twist ended up giving rains along the latitude of Red Hills / Madhavaram & above. Places like Ennore & Minjur received rains in excess of 20 mm.  So whats in store today?

Going by conditions it is probably as good as yesterday if not better.  There is a wind confluence happening towards evening in the areas North West of Chennai.  This could create the instability required for thunderstorms to develop.


As these thunderstorms are expected to move in a South Easterly directions a combination of good moisture available at upper levels off Chennai coast and the trough dipping right over Chennai there is a very good chance of some thunderstorms and rains for Chennai.

Keeping in mind the last few day’s experience at this moment we will not be able to exactly estimate how wide it would be and the possible impact areas. But as we have done in the past, including yesterday, we will provide timely alerts as and when the rains materialize.   For Chennai rains are going to continue for the second day please watch this space in the evening to see if your area could be lucky today.