Chennai Rains & late evening thunderstorms likely

The last few days has seen Rains & Thunderstorms pass Chennai by both in the North & South directions except for one early morning spell which provided good rains to the southern parts of the city.

While thunderstorms are very difficult to predict thanks to the complex nature of factors involved in addition to steering pattern of winds which could take away thunderstorms into a different direction in matter of an hour.

Conditions look very favorable for the development of thunderstorms today to over North Tamil Nadu.  Unlike over the last few days today the conditions are better in terms of thunderstorms developing much closer to Chennai city.

AqeIUSkYGFasRUIzzLtlM8ArP4FQZSR7qJI_TdiP99_eWith clear skies there is a fair bit of chance for ground radiation to create instability that would trigger the moisture already present at the upper levels.


We expect the thunderstorms to form around dusk / evening time.  All in all it looks a perfect day for Chennai rains are more likely than not today.