Weak Rainfall activity to keep temperatures under check over Peninsular India

Weather Update
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The last couple of days saw temperatures increase appreciably over the interior areas of Peninsular India. While both Erode and Karur recorded above 39°C the IMD observatory at Chennai AP recorded 35.3°C. Weather models did pick up this spell of appreciably warmer than normal day time temperatures fairly well in advance. While overall Peninsular India may expect a warmer than normal summer / early summer conditions on account of the fading El Nino conditions the good news though is for the next few days temperatures may remain under check due to a weak rainfall event that may happen over parts of Peninsular India

Weather models indicate weak moisture incursion from Easterlies / Southerlies may trigger convective thunderstorms on account of the day time heat over parts of Tamil Nadu bringing some isolated rainfall activity. Additionally partly cloudy skies may also keep the temperatures under check as well during the day time though nights may become warmer removing any trace of late season winter effects. Today though West TN could still see a fairly hot day with many places in the region recording a max temp of 37 to 39°C before temperatures are expected to reduce from tomorrow for the next few days.

Parts of Thanjavur, Ariyalur, Perambalur district may see some light to moderate rains on account of this moisture push, particularly along the North South trough line indicated about 50 to 75 kms from the coastline in the weather charts. Sub seasonal weather model outputs confirm the rainfall activity may be weak with near normal rainfall anomaly seen over parts of Kerala and South TN while rest of Peninsular India is shown to receive lesser than normal rainfall activity. With active western disturbances seen over North India, occasionally the interplay between lower level Easterlies and upper level westerlies may bring short burst of heavy spell fo rains over one or two places.

Overall though over the next few days cloudy skies / isolated light rains over parts of South TN and Central TN may keep the temperatures under check.