UAC in Bay provides comfort from Chennai Summer

In what is certainly a freak season for Chennai summer, we are having a YoYo season.  The season is oscillating between Chennayil Oru Kodaikanal to Chennayil Oru Kodaikalam.

The first fortnight of Kathiri saw some comfortable climate thanks to the disturbances off Sri Lanka.  Then Mr. Agni came back strongly through a string of 40⁰C day time temperatures for Chennai, with Monday recording the highest of the season.

Then as though taking pity on Chennai a UAC developing over Central Bay of Bengal started showing mercy by providing Easterly comfort at upper levels.  Currently stable at 500 hPa levels it is showing some signs of re-organization at 700 hPa levels as well.



Yesterday thanks to the moisture provided by this UAC when the Convection triggered thunderstorms in interior places over North Tamil Nadu it was able to intensify dramatically.  It is a measure of the influence of the Upper Level Moisture that resulted in hailstorms over a few places as well.

This UAC is currently expected to persist for a few more days providing day time comfort to Chennai in the form of mitigating the westerly impact and aiding better sea breeze penetration & onset.

There is a possibility of this UAC moving in a Westerly direction towards Tamil Nadu coast which could possibly trigger some rains for Coastal Tamil Nadu in the days to come, we will monitor this development closely.