Chennai Summer – Blazing Days Ahead

The last 4 days has seen Chennai Nungambakkam touch 40⁰C continuously. Meenambakkam touched 42.3⁰C on Sunday.  Both Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam touched the highest temperatures of the year on Sunday.

Unlike the previous days sea breeze was able to establish itself firmly against the Westerly assault resulting in not only a not so hot evening but some Thunderstorms over North Tamil Nadu, with places like Arani, Uthiramerur, Cheyyar & Kancheepuram getting some rains

As Chennai Summer continues its Overdrive mode, a blazing start to the weekend is expected.

Blazing Days Ahead

The temperatures are expected to remain around 41⁰/ 42⁰C for the next couple of days to.  We could have another highest day time temperature record broken once again during this spell. The comfort factor would depend on the advent of Sea Breeze that possibly could set late once again on Monday.

There is a possibility of some Convection driven thunderstorms on Tuesday over North Interior TN. As it appears it is not going to impact much in the coastal areas.