Taste of Things to Come – Rehearsal for Summer

North Tamil Nadu could see its first taste of proper summer this weekend.  A set of temporary factors acting over the next couple of days could see North Tamil Nadu face its first summer like situation for a few days starting Friday.

With the outflow from a HPA over the Western Coast creating a pseudo Westerly effect, North TN could see day time temperatures climbing up to the high 37 / 38 C over the weekend.  While it is certainly not going to be the hot summer days we can make use the opportunity to get ourselves equipped for summer days.


In the meanwhile keeping in line with the last few days South Interior Karnataka could see some rains along with a few places in Telengana and North Coastal Andhra Pradesh.  Extreme South TN with a few places in Kerala could see Isolated rains.  While North Tamil Nadu could see pretty much dry weather there is a possibility of some rains in places near Jawwadhu & Kalvarayan Hills.