Chennai Weather Facts – April

Did you know Chennai has received less than 1 mm rains for the entire month of April in 5 of the last 10 years.  Read more to know more interesting weather facts about Chennai pertaining to the month of April.

Warmest Day (All Time) – 42.8 C on 27th April 1908

Warmest Day (Last decade) – 42.1C on 30th April 2006

Coldest Day (All Time) – 20.0C on 3rd April 1939

Coldest Day (Last Decade) – 23.4C on 6th April 2005

Rainiest April (All Time) – 191 mm, April 1909

Rainiest April (Last Decade) – 83.2 mm, April 2005

Rainiest 24 hours (All Time) – 100.3 mm, 12th April 1951

Rainiest 24 hours (Last Decade) – 60.1 mm, 6th April 2005

Couple of other interesting points which Chennai has been seeing over the last decade or so is 5 years out of the last 10 years or so Chennai has received less than 1 mm rains during April.


Similarly if one sees the minimum temperature data over the last decade, the early part of the decade has seen the lowest minimum temp consistently less than 25 C, while the later part of the decade the minimum temperature for Chennai is consistently above 25 C. Is it a case of Global Warming or the Urban Jungle effect we don’t know.