Tamil Nadu Weather – Isolated Late Evening Rains in North TN

As Chennai continues to experience warm days the evenings are becoming extremely uncomfortable due to the absence / weak sea breeze.  In a strange sequence of events the last couple of days has seen thunderstorms alternatively providing rains to places about 30 kms North & South of Chennai while the Chennaites continue to wait a meaningful spell of rains since the advent of Southwest Monsoon.

Today could see another warm day with temperatures touching around 37 / 38 Degrees for #Chennai.   Expect another extremely uncomfortable afternoon / evening as Sea Breeze possibly decides to take a mini weekend break.


As far as Tamil Nadu weather goes there is some possibility of Thunderstorms over North Tamil Nadu & adjoining parts of South Andhra Pradesh towards late evening due to a combination of dipping trough which is passing over Chennai and adjoining coastal areas and heat induced instability.  The actual intensity & the initial trigger location will to a large extent depend on the possible support provided by Sea breeze.  As things stand the storms are Touch & Go for Chennai though if they pick up enough intensity some areas could see spells of rains while the storms pass towards the Sea.