Southwest Monsoon 2015 – Summary So Far

Did you know Chennai is 1 of 5 districts in South India to be classified as received Scanty Rains (less than 60% of normal) so far this Southwest Monsoon Season 2015. On the other hand did you know East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya has received 240 cm rains so far this June.  That’s about 100 cms more than the annual rainfall of Chennai.  Read on for more interesting analysis from Southwest Monsoon summary.

Did you know more than 40% of the districts in the country has so far received less than deficit rainfall (less than 80% of normal rainfall) as of 24th June 2015.

  • No. of Districts with Excess Rainfall as of 24th June – 232
  • No. of Districts with Normal Rainfall as of 24th June – 120
  • No. of Districts with Deficit Rainfall as of 24th June – 142
  • No. of Districts with Scanty Rainfall as of 24th June – 113
  • No. of Districts with No Rains as of 24th June – 1
  • Did you know Bihar has only 1 out of 38 districts in the Normal or Better status

8 of the Top 10 districts with highest rainfall Southwest Monsoon 2015 is from North East India.  The other two are from the West Coast.  Mumbai once again proves its the most unique Metropolis in the world by confirming no other Metro receives as much rains as Mumbai, more than 100 cms of rain so far this June. (Please click the images to see the charts at higher resolution)

district1On the other side there are districts that have not received not even 1mm rainfall so far since the Southwest Monsoon season began.  Sheohar District in Bihar is the only district to receive no rains as of 24th June 2015 in the whole of India.  Critically all of them except one are from the Gangetic Plains.

District2Teni & Coimbatore from Tamil Nadu feature in the Top 10 districts that have received the highest rainfall so far compared to the long term average rainfall. Composite Andhra Pradesh has 4 out of the 10 districts with highest positive variance

district3On the other side the 10 districts with highest negative variance are all from the Gangetic Plains.  5 each from Bihar & East Uttar Pradesh.

district4Did you know 7 Met Divisions have all the districts with Normal & Above Rainfall so far. 3 of them are from South & Central India, J&K the only one from North. Despite the extreme rains which Northeast India has received Arunachal Pradesh has 3 districts in Deficit or Worse Category while Assam & Meghalaya has 9 districts in Deficit or Worse Category.

Met1Kerala has been having an extremely poor monsoon so far with 10 out of 14 districts being in Deficit or worse status so far.  Similarly the entire Gangetic Plain from Bihar to Uttar Pradesh is having a nightmare monsoon so far with 4 out of 5 districts facing deficit or worse.

Met2Finally the National Summary complete with District Classification along with the IMD averaged rainfall data.  Ranked as per the Best Performing Met Divisions based on positive variance