Subdued Weather in Tamil Nadu expected to continue for few more days

The current phase of subdued weather in Tamil Nadu which has possibly given one of the driest periods of Northeast Monsoon 2016 is expected to continue for a few more days as no immediate relief or rains expected as indicated by weather models.  Yesterday according to the daily rainfall report of IMD no place in Tamil Nadu recorded any meaningful rains to be included.  Similar trend is expected today as well.


As one can observe from the satellite image it is pretty much clean slate across India with no trace of any rainfall activity anywhere indicating the Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu as well.  The only rainfall activity has been concentrated around Sri Lanka and to the south of the Emerald Isle consequent to the convergence zone present in the region.

As things stand this dry Weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to continue for a few more days with possibly not much rains in sight for the remaining days of November.  Models are indicating possible improvement in conditions as November gives way to December.  We will be constantly monitoring the situation and as things evolve certainly provide our inference on how things could shape up.