Coldest night of Nov. 2016, First Sub 20°C of the month at Chennai Meenambakkam

Chennai saw its coldest night this November as temperatures dipped across almost all the areas of the city.  The preliminary information from Metar reading at Chennai Airport indicates the first sub 20°C of Winter 2016 has been registered at Chennai Meenambakkam.  The COMK AWS in Anna Nagar has recorded 20.1 as the post was made with the possibility of the first sub 20 degree day still existing.  Similarly the IMD AWS in Nungambakkam has recorded its first sub 22 day as well for the month.


With dry weather continuing to prevail we could possibly see another cool night tomorrow as well with temperatures staying similar to tonight across the region.  The overall atmosphere over North Indian Ocean continues to be subdued and is expected to be continued for the next couple of days.

While models indicate a possible tropical disturbance developing over Bay of Bengal in the first week of December we prefer to wait for another day or two before putting an inference on what could be expected out of it considering how numerical models have behaved this year so far when the events come between 72 – 120 hours time window.  The only go for us is to wait and watch as things evolve in Bay with hopefully nature answering the prayers for some rains to materialize in what is becoming a water shed year for Northeast Monsoon in Tamil Nadu & Chennai.