South India to remain under Dry Conditions

Most of South India remains practically dry for the past few days. It is no understatement to say the satellite map of today possibly resembles a day in late January / early February when the tropical convection activities are restricted between Equator and possibly 5N latitude while rest of the Indian Sub Continent sees completely clear skies.   While the expected saviour of Northeast Monsoon “MJO” indeed arrived as originally estimated the effect has been extremely underwhelming and could be mistaken that it possibly has not arrived in Indian Ocean Basin at all.


Things are expected to remain stable for the next couple of days while models indicate MJO has already reached the Bay of Bengal side of Indian Ocean.  With the ITCZ still firmly along Equator what we should hope now is under the influence of MJO the trough lying off Andaman develops into a strong tropical disturbance and moves NW towards South India .  Models though are not indicating any such activity as of now yet.

Chennai has seen another cool night along with rest of North Tamil Nadu.  Things are expected to remain mostly dry and cool for the city with winter like conditions prevailing until something picks up in Bay and the Easterlies get some moisture to feed on.