Chennai Min. Temp Dips, expected to remain below normal for the next day or two

The last few days have seen the night time temperature in Chennai consistently come down due to reduction of cloud cover.  Last night saw minimum temperature dip by at least 1 degree compared to the last few days across the city with both IMD observatories and many private weather stations across the city seeing the coolest night in the last fortnight or so.  Places further away from the coast saw temperatures dropping more with the COMK Weather station in Anna Nagar recording 20.8°C as we type this post a good 1.5°C lesser than yesterday. Similar trends have been seen across Chennai



With clear skies forecasted by models for the next couple of days we could see similar conditions continue with night time temperatures dipping once again.  We could see the minimum temperatures in North Tamil Nadu region stay about 2 / 3 degrees below normal particularly in places like Vellore / Tiruttani / Tirupathur etc.


As one can see from the cloud cover chart only South TN is seeing some bit of cloud cover during the night pretty much entire Peninsular India is seeing clear skies.  In the absence of cloud cover the day time sunshine which creates ground heat escapes back into atmosphere by night time leading to cooler mornings and dip in temperatures.  With dry conditions expected to continue for most of this week we could see temperatures stay low similar to today morning leading to winter like conditions.