Sizzling Sunday for Tamil Nadu as Cyclone Maarutha forms in Bay

The first named cyclone of 2017 in North Indian Ocean Basin has formed with the announcement by IMD of the formation of Cyclone Maarutha, a name given by Sri Lanka.  The last 24 hours or so saw this system intensify fast under favorable conditions going from Depression to a Named Cyclone during this period.  The warm ocean around the area has certainly played a role in this development.

The future path of Cyclone Maarutha is fairly in sync among models taking it towards Myanmar weakening shortly before landfall under the high vertical wind shear which the system has started to encounter in the last few hours.  The next 12 to 24 hours could be the peak period for this system after which the decline will set in pace under unfavorable conditions.

In the meanwhile it is going to be a sizzling Sunday ahead for most parts of Tamil Nadu as dry conditions along with clear skies is going to make it a scorching day in the interior parts of the state.  Yesterday for the first time in 2017 five cities, Karur, Trichy, Salem, Madurai & Vellore,  recorded 41°C or above as Karur scorched its way to 43°C.  Yesterday was the prelude to the heat most of Tamil Nadu is likely to see today and possibly tomorrow.

It is likely to be another day for interiors where day time maximum temperatures is going to be around 41 / 42°C while coastal places like Chennai could be see temperatures notch up a couple of degrees higher than the last couple of days.  Numerical Models indicate across the state temperatures to be about 3 degrees or so higher than normal while South TN and up to Trichy with isolated pockets in North TN also likely to see as high as 5 degrees above normal temperatures.

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