Rains in Tamil Nadu to continue under developing Instability

The last couple of days have seen Rains in Tamil Nadu return after the back.  While Chennai has been touch and go as far as rains thanks to unfavorable wind pattern most parts of North Tamil Nadu has seen good rains.  Yesterday also saw many places in Cuddalore, Tiruvannamalai & Villupuram districts get rains.  With Peninsular India under an East West Shear Zone that creates necessary instability in the atmosphere Rains in Tamil Nadu is likely to continue over the next couple of days as well.

In Southwest Monsoon news, Mumbai has see heavy overnight rains with many places in the suburbs of the city like Borivali, Dadar getting more than 100 mm rains from the early morning spell leading to water logging at many places.  Today morning’s spell indeed confirms Monsoon has certainly arrived in Mumbai which always gets a very heavy spell of rain coinciding with the onset.


Peninsular India is under the influence of an East West Shear Zone at about 5 kms altitude which normally creates a zone of instability between two fast moving bands of winds in opposite directions at same altitude.  This zone of instability normally develops Upper Air Cyclonic Circulations quite often.  Thanks to this atmospheric instability there is an Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation that is developing to the Southwest of North Coastal Tamil Nadu.   This  is likely to bring Rains in Tamil Nadu particularly around North Coastal Tamil Nadu and adjoining parts of South Andhra Pradesh.  While there is some possibility moderate rains at South AP & North Coastal Tamil Nadu today we are likely to see an increase in rainfall prospects tomorrow as the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation comes closer to the coast.


West Coast of India is likely to see another day of heavy rains over Konkan, Karnataka and parts of North Kerala in a few places.  The rains though will be heavier in Konkan and North Karnataka region.   There is a decent possibility of some moderate rains in North Coastal Tamil Nadu with possibly Chennai also getting some benefit out of it as the storms move from Interiors to the coast.  We are likely to see partly cloudy skies through the day with temperatures in the region of around 34 degrees.  Early evening rains may be a possibility.