Cloudy Weather in Chennai, Rains to continue in North TN

Not often Weather in Chennai during the month of June sees pleasant early morning conditions which continue right through the day under cloudy skies.  One such opportunity arises today thanks to the developing disturbance in Bay of Bengal.  Yesterday saw many places in North Tamil Nadu receive spells of rains with few places receiving very heavy rains as well.  Places like Tiruvennainallur in Villupuram district, RK Pet & Pallipattu in Tiruvallur district received heavy rains last evening from the thunderstorms.


In Monsoon news the Monsoon has now covered most of the country except for some parts of West & Northwest India.   In the last couple of days monsoon has seen making very quick progress over Gangetic plains and most of the Himalayan region.  The Northern limit of monsoon is just short of reaching the Capital of India though further progress could be slower than the last few days.


With the East West Shear Zone moving up slightly North we could see the rain bands move up as well slightly to the north compared to yesterday or day before.  Similarly the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation has also climbed the latitude marginally.   This could mean possibly more places in South AP get rains while parts of North TN also could get a spell or two of moderate rains.  As has been the pattern for the last few days the chances for coastal areas like Chennai will depend on the wind pattern of thunderstorms once they form.


What could possibly aid in the formation of thunderstorms is the presence of favourable CAPE (Convective Energy) over North TN & South AP.  Under right conditions we could possibly see the thunderstorms intensify well in the region once they form.

Weather in Chennai is likely to be mostly pleasant right through the day with possibly cloudy conditions interspersed with spells of sunshine keeping the temperature in check.  Day time maximum temperature could be in the region of 33 degrees.  Rainfall possibilities in the late evening exist though it will depend on the wind pattern and movement of thunderstorms.