Rains for S. Tamil Nadu, Isolated Heavy Spells in Delta Districts

The Trough of Low continues off Sri Lanka coast influencing the weather pattern over Tamil Nadu.  The Trough along with the associated Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation though continues to stick to lower latitudes.  Being closer to the Equatorial Seas and expected to move in a East to West movement could limit the overall rainfall prospects for Peninsular India.  

As the Trough moves south of Sri Lanka we could see the rains increase over South TN over the next couple of days.  Sri Lanka though is likely to get the heaviest spells of rains with already places like Akkarepaththuwa in Eastern Province recording more than 30 cm in the last 24 hours.  Because of the trough sticking to lower latitudes its influence over North Tamil Nadu could be limited to light to moderate rains with widespread heavy rains unlikely as things stand.

For the 24 hours ending tomorrow we could see light to moderate rains in a few places of South Tamil Nadu with possibly isolated heavy spells in the Delta districts.  The rains are expected to peak early morning on Republic Day with possibly Central TN celebrating the Republic TN under spells of rains.  As things stand the rainfall prospects look to be restricted south of Pondicherry with rest of North Tamil Nadu likely to witness a spell or two of rains around early morning of 27th January.  Cloudy skies likely over most of Tamil Nadu with warmer temperatures on the cards for most parts of the day time.

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