Late night Isolated Rains likely for S. Tamil Nadu

The Trough of Low in Equatorial Bay continues to hold sway over the weather pattern of Tamil Nadu. This could be seen in how the night time temperatures are seen slightly warmer than average conditions seen at this time of the year for most places of the state. After a couple of days of near dry weather we could once again start seeing the prospects of rains return for Coastal Tamil Nadu.

The Trough of Low now lying along the Equatorial waters is making a slow East to West movement and is expected to move south of Sri Lanka. This could mean the bulk of the rains will be over Sri Lanka and to the sea south of the island nation.

But fair chance exists for some good spells of rains exists for Tamil Nadu and Kerala as well in the days to come. To start with isolated rains are likely later tonight or around early morning tomorrow over a few places of South Coastal Tamil Nadu. The rains could possibly restricted to south of Delta districts while as the trough Congress further closer tomorrow we could start some rains in Delta districts as well.

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