Rains continue in North Tamil Nadu, interior places likely to benefit today

For the second consecutive day many parts of Tamil Nadu benefited from late night rains that have been continuing till the morning as we type this post.  Chennai missed out on the rains mostly except for parts of OMR to the South of Kelambakkam and some passing showers in a few areas to the southern parts of the city and suburbs.  Vellore, Villupuram, Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur & Tiruvannamalai districts got moderate rains at a few places. After a long dry spell it is indeed a welcome relief to see the rains come back even though Chennai got missed out by a whisker with places to the south and west of the city by about 50 kms getting rains.Weather_Update_1

Rains in Tamil Nadu are likely to continue today as well with interior places also getting a spell or two in the Northwest & West Tamil Nadu.  This spell of rains could possibly be active over South Interior Karnataka as well bringing in some rains over the catchment areas of Cauvery River.  Like yesterday it could be touch and go for Chennai as we sit right near the dry air boundary which makes it a case of so near yet so far for Chennai. But with some bit of luck in wind direction we could possibly see some spells of rains for the city.


As has been the case for the last couple of days the storms are likely to start late in the evening and continue right through the night with possibly intensifying as they come closer to the coast.  With the wind pattern expected to be from NW to SE we could possibly see the thunderstorms intensify closer to Pondicherry / Cuddalore region bringing in moderate to heavy spells of rains in one or two places in the region.


While today  may not see a complete respite from the hot day time conditions we could possibly see a marginal reduction in temperature along those areas marked as potential for rainfall while the ones under drier air could possibly see above normal day time conditions.  Chennai could see temperatures in the region of around 35 degrees with possibly of midnight rains with some support from the thunderstorms.