Another Day of Rains in Tamil Nadu on the cards for interior region

Last night saw widespread rains in Tamil Nadu particularly from the Northwest districts of Krishnagiri / Dharmapuri to the delta region.  Moderate to heavy rains were recorded in a few places in this stretch as the thunderstorms after giving some good rains over the adjoining parts of South Interior Karnataka moved in a ESE direction towards the coast providing rains all the way.  Parts of Delta districts have started getting heavy rains early in the morning as the storms intensified closer to the coast.


Like yesterday we are seeing the persistence of the Wind induced instability in the atmosphere over Southern Peninsular India.  Compared to yesterday the zone of instability could move slightly to the South possibly influencing the rainfall pattern accordingly.  Nevertheless Rains in Tamil Nadu are set to continue today as well without a shadow of doubt.


Today also there is a fair chance of parts of South Interior Karnataka getting good rains particularly around the Mysore / Bangalore areas that adjoin the western parts of Tamil Nadu.  This could augur well for the inflows into Mettur as the catchment areas of Cauvery between Ramanagara & Mettur could see some good rains tonight along with the catchment areas of Kabini in the Chamrajnagar side of Karnataka. After what was an extremely poor Southwest Monsoon months in August & September coastal Karnataka is getting some rains for the last couple of days with isolated heavy rains on the cards today to due to the effect played by the UAC that is lingering in the region.


As far as Rains in Tamil Nadu goes the districts of Krishnagiri, Dharmapri, Salem and parts of Erode are in line for some heavy rains in one or to places.  Similarly around the Delta region there is a fair chance of some isolated heavy rains as well.  All in all it appears we are going to see another Fairly Widespread Rains for Tamil Nadu with even some parts of South Tamil Nadu lucky enough to get some spill over rains.

Chennai and adjoining parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu could miss out on the rains thanks to the unfavorable wind pattern for us and drier conditions prevailing over the Rayalaseema region to the Northwest of us.  In some solace we could end up seeing lesser temperatures compared to the last few days.