Perfect Chennai Weather for a day of Cricket

Yesterday once again saw fairly dry weather prevail over most parts of Tamil Nadu with one or two places in Erode & Ariyalur district getting moderate rains while a few places in Kanyakumari district like Nagercoil got light rains yesterday

While most models are indicating an active phase of Northeast Monsoon to commence around 26th October parts of South TN along with few places in Kerala will continue to receive isolated spells of rains during the intervening period.  Today also could see some rains over parts of Kerala and South TN under the influence of the UAC off Sri Lanka.

Most models indicate a potential tropical disturbance developing around the above mentioned active phase.  While there is consensus among all major models on the tropical disturbance developing around the last week of October there is still a lot of variance in the location of genesis, track and intensity hence it would be prudent to wait and watch on how this disturbance evolves.


With Chennai hosting an international cricket match for the first time in 3 years we thought it would be a good thing to check on how the weather would be for the day.  Northeast Monsoon / Winter, International Cricket & Chennai has always given the cricket aficionado from the city a few worries with the threat of rains looming almost always when ever these cricket matches have been staged during this time of the year.

So how would today’s weather be? Possibly a perfect day for cricket with temperatures peaking around 34°C around afternoon and settling to around 31° during the first innings.  Second innings could see temperature around 28°C with potentially light due becoming a factory during the chase.