Moderate Rains in Chennai bring cheer, chance for today as well

Last evening / night saw moderate rains in Chennai over many parts of the city.  While the weather has been fairly pleasant over the last few days the rains were sort of staying away from the city until the weekend.  Sunday early morning saw spells of rains in Chennai that set the tone for more rains later in the day.  The evening rains once again were heavier in the southern side of the city with places like Anna  University, Meenambakkam receiving almost 2 cms rains from these spells.

Many parts of Tiruvallur district as well got these spells of rains as the thunderstorms moved all the way from the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh.  Normally during early part of the monsoon around June these thunderstorms generally do not make such long journeys of almost 200 / 250 kms a phenomenon more common during the later half of the monsoon season around August / September. But yesterday under the synoptic support of the Low Pressure in Bay and thanks to the abundance of moisture available in the atmosphere the thunderstorms made the journey all the way from interior Peninsular India to the coast.


Today also we are likely to see rains at a few places in Peninsular India as the low pressure is expected to intensify into a Well marked low.  Like yesterday we could possibly see thunderstorms form to the W/NW of Chennai in the interior region and is likely to make the journey to the coast.  Depending on the  movement this could provide for another day of rains in Chennai.  We could possibly see less intense storms as models indicate a day of potentially less instability around North TN compared to yesterday

Chennai is likely to see another cloudy day with temperatures in the region of around 32 degrees with possible spells of rains around late evening / night.