Another day of Pleasant Weather in Chennai as Bay picks up pace

In what has been pretty much unlike June weather in Chennai temperatures have been well below normal for the last week or so.  Yesterday saw a max temperature of 30.6 in Nungambakkam which is more than 5 degrees below normal.  In the case of Meenambakkam it was even lower at 29.9 degrees which was almost 7 degrees below normal.  Not often do we see the maximum temperature in June stay below 30 degrees in Tamil Nadu when the Westerlies hold fort. It was similar across Tamil Nadu with only Madurai & Tiruchirappalli crossing 35 degrees by recording 36.4 and 35.3 respectively.


The long term mean minimum temperature in Chennai during June is 27.5 degrees while this year has seen an average of 27.9 degrees.  Similarly the long term mean maximum temperature is 36.9 degrees while this year it has been only 36 degrees which is almost a degree lesser than normal. If one looks at the temperature chart for Chennai this June it quite clearly indicates the drop in temperature during the second fortnight.  Particularly the last week has seen very pleasant Weather in Chennai.  Since 20th June only once has the temperature crossed 35 degrees in Chennai Nungambakkam indicating the pretty much lovely weather in Chennai this weekend.


In monsoon news Bay of Bengal is likely to see a low develop off the coast of Andhra Pradesh in the next 24 hours or so which is likely to see a Northwest Movement towards the coast of Odisha / North AP as things stand.  Under the influence of this low we are likely to see widespread rains over many places of Andhra, Telengana, Odisha & Chhatisgarh today.  Isolated places could see heavy rains as well bringing some much needed relief to the drought hit state of Telengana.  West Coast will continue to see rains at many places with heavy rains in a few places while one or two places in South Gujarat could see very heavy rains aided by the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation off the west coast.

Chennai is likely to see another pleasant day in terms of temperature with the maximum temperature hovering around 31 degrees under cloudy skies.  Some isolated light rains may be possible in some areas of North Tamil Nadu with passing showers likely at times in Chennai