Low Pressure in Arabian Sea expected to form in a day or two

Last couple of days have seen some intense discussions among weather bloggers on the current Upper Air Circulation off the Sri Lankan coast with various weather  models predicting scenarios beyond the realm of imagination.  Finally there is some clarity emerging with a low Pressure Arabian Sea expected to form in a day or two.

While the Upper Air Circulation was expected to intensify into a Low Pressure over South Bay, the stead tilt to the west is shifting the possible low location towards Arabian Sea.


While this is exactly not great news for Chennai considering the rainfall prospects for Chennai could have been far better if the low forms in South Bay.  We will have to accept what nature decides.


Nevertheless the low is expected to form in the next 24 to 36 hours during which time the UAC is pretty much stationary off the Kerala coast providing some good opportunities of Moisture Incursion into many places of Peninsular India. Chennai could have some spells of rains today & possibly tomorrow to with a few heavy spells in between.  Further rainfall prospects will depend on the future movement of UAC & location of LPA genesis till then we will have to eagerly wait and watch.