Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal, Possible Impact for Sri Lanka

In what is the first for the year 2016 a new Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal has formed near the Andaman Islands along the Equatorial Indian Ocean, Southeast Bay & South Andaman Sea.  Though a  Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal has formed it is unlikely to develop into any major organized tropical disturbance going by the Model Expectations for the coming few days.


The Low Pressure Area in Bay of Bengal has formed at a very low latitude almost touching the Equator just off the Andaman Islands.  This would play a role in the possible intensification of this LPA and also the area of impact.  As things stand none of the models are expecting this one to become a strong disturbance.  At this time of the year there is not much atmospheric support to disturbances in North Indian Ocean due to the absence of ITCZ in the Northern Hemisphere.

This Low is also expected to be weak right through its life cycle as it possibly winds up towards the Sri Lankan coast.  The rainfall impact is also primarily going to over Sri Lanka with South Kerala & South Tamil Nadu also enjoying some early spells of rains in the days to come.  The impact for North Tamil Nadu is expected to be marginal with isolated showers possibly.  Nevertheless COMK will continue to monitor this disturbance and keep posted of the developments and likely impact areas.


The maximum temperature is expected to be around 33°C for most parts of Tamil Nadu with the coastal areas enjoying slightly better conditions at around 31 / 32°C.  On account of the developing disturbance we could see some low level clouding develop leading to partly cloudy skies over many parts of Tamil Nadu.  West Coast & Telengana will continue to see day time temperatures in excess of 35°C.