Isolated Rains in Kerala on the cards

After two weeks of dry weather across Peninsular India today sees the prospect of Rains in Kerala creating possibly  February’s first rains for South India.  Though as things stand most other places of South India will continue to see dry weather.

With winter easing slowly from South India most places of the region have started seeing warmer day time temperatures.  Yesterday saw Hanamkonda near Warangal record 37.6°C while Salem in Tamil Nadu has once again started to see temperatures higher than 34°C.  Similarly the nights have started to become warmer across Peninsular India.  Places in South Tamil Nadu have started to see the night time minimum temperatures touch 25°C yesterday in Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli) and Thoothukudi. Pamban was not far away at 24.9°C yesterday.

The trend of warmer weather is set to continue as we move into the Spring Season. Technically though for South India spring is a pretty much non starter at most places.  Parts of Telengana will continue to see fairly hot days with Northern Telengana seeing temepratures in the regions of 37°C.   Tamil Nadu is also expected to see a fairly warm day across the interiors with few places inching closer to 35°C. Salem, Palyamkottai, Karur & Madurai could see temperatures in excess of 34°C making it a hot day in these places.


As mentioned in the early part of the post there exists a possibility of some isolated rains in Kerala with possibly the Northern districts standing a better chance.  A surface level trough which is now lying off the Peninsular Coast in the Comorin Sea could be attributed to this rainfall prospects.

The High Ranges of Idukki & Wayanad districts along with the adjoining Kozhikode district and Madikeri & Mangalore districts of South Karnataka could benefit from these isolated rains with one or two places getting a heavy spell or two at times.  South Tamil Nadu around Kanyakumari & Thoothukudi district could see one or two passing showers in a few places.

Chennai to see moderately warm day at around 31°C during day time while night time minimum temperatures will continue 23 / 24°C around the city region.