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Yesterday saw rains in Tamil Nadu return to Coastal areas after a few days of dry spell.  Though the rains were not widespread, many places in Delta districts, Cuddalore & Kanchipuram districts got moderate spells of rains.  Northeast Monsoon continues to remain weak and is expected to remain weak for the next few days as overall suppressed conditions continue dominate the North Indian Ocean atmosphere.  Things are expected to remain skewed towards South Tamil Nadu and may be up to Delta districts in the absence of any organized tropical disturbances for the immediate future.


For the next day or two Rains in Tamil Nadu will possibly be restricted more towards Delta districts and South Coastal Tamil Nadu.  While North Tamil Nadu could see isolated spells of rains in one or two places no meaningful rains are expected for the belt to the North of may be Marakkanam.  South TN along with Coastal Kerala and parts of Coastal Karnataka will get benefited from the trough that exists on either side of Peninsular India.  One or two places in North Kerala & South Coastal Karnataka could get moderate to heavy rains at times.