Chance for Early Morning Rains in Chennai & rest of Coast, later for Interiors

“Rains in Chennai” is a phrase which brings immediate pleasure to most of the citizens of the city after a fairly long dry spell since the start of October except for some bursts of spells towards the end of October.  But today and tomorrow we are likely to see Rains in Chennai particularly around the morning which is the favorite time for rainy spells during Northeast Monsoon.

A lower level trough that is running along in Southwest Bay off the East Coast of Peninsular India is aiding a burst of Easterly winds that is likely to bring these rains in Chennai.  While we are still awaiting the widespread rains that we associate with Northeast Monsoon every spell of rain small / light / heavy will become crucial now in what is likely going to be a testing phase of Northeast Monsoon.


Chennai and other parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to see early morning rains while the remnant thunderstorms as they pass through Peninsular India under the Easterly winds is likely to give rains to the interior places in a few places as well.  As mentioned above any spell of rains is going to be vital for the state from now on.