Isolated Rains in Coastal Karnataka, Rest of South to remain warm

While most of South India goes through warm climate rains in Coastal Karnataka is likely that could bring some respite from heat in that region.  March has started under fairly moderate weather conditions across South India unlike February which saw the first heat wave of 2016 hit most parts of Telengana & AP during the first fortnight of the month.

A trough in lower level Easterlies that extends to about 0.9 kms above sea level is seen extending all the way from Konkan off the Western Coast. Under the influence of this trough some isolated rains in Coastal Karnataka is possible along with parts of North Kerala.  Places around the Madikeri, Shimoga region in Karnataka and Kannur in Kerala could benefit from these rains


Rest of South India is likely to remain warm with parts of Telengana & North Coastal Andhra Pradesh could possibly see fairly hot conditions with temperatures in the region of 37/38°C.  West Coast continues to remain hot with temperatures in the region of 37°C all the way from Konkan to Kerala


Interior places of Tamil Nadu could see a slight increase in day time temperatures compared to the last few days with a few places in Interior Tamil Nadu likely to cross 36°C. Karur, Salem & Trichy are likely to see hot conditions during the day. Coastal Tamil Nadu will be under the influence of Easterlies keeping temperatures under check.