Normal Weather in Tamil Nadu, likely hailstorms in Central India

Weather in Tamil Nadu continues to be pretty much going according to pattern that is expected to follow at this time of the year.  Fairly warm day time temperature across the region with one or two places in the interior places seeing hot afternoons is the trend during the early part of March.  It appears things are likely to continue in similar fashion till mid of next week.


Under the influence of wind induced instability in Central India parts of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh benefiting from these rains.  A few places in this region could see spells of heavy rains with one or two places likely to receive hailstorms as well.   Similarly places in North India particularly around the Northwestern region could see spells of rains thanks to the incoming WD influence and the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation off Rajasthan


South India will continue to see normal weather mostly with parts of the West Coast & the interior regions of Andhra & Telengana seeing hot daytime conditions.  Most places in Tamil Nadu will see temperature in the region of 34°C  while a few places in the interiors of West & South Tamil Nadu could see the day time maximum temperatures touch about 36°C.

Coastal Tamil Nadu including Chennai will continue to be moderated by the Easterlies with afternoons being moderately warm at 33°C.