Isolated Heavy Rains in South Tamil Nadu expected today

While most of Tamil Nadu is fairly dry and enjoying winter conditions yesterday saw isolated heavy rains in South Tamil Nadu with Tuticorin port getting 10 cms till 5:30 in the morning while neighbouring Tiruchendur getting 5 cm for the same time.  Today also it is likely isolated heavy rains are possible for one or two places in South Tamil Nadu

Northeast Monsoon Update: Under the influence of a weak Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation in Southwest Bay Isolated Heavy rains in South Tamil Nadu is likely today as well. Many places along the coasts could get moderate rains while one or two places could see heavy rains during the day.  This rain is expected to be concentrated around the Thoothukudi region like yesterday.  Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi & Kanyakumari districts could see isolated heavy rains while most places could see spells of rains on and off with moderate spells at times.  Parts of Virudhunagar & Madurai districts could see rains as well with moderate rains in one or two places. Rest of Tamil Nadu is expected to be fairly clear with wintery conditions.


Chennai Weather Update : Clear Weather expected to continue for Chennai with day time temperature around 31°C while the night time  minimum could touch up to 21°C during early morning.  All in all a pleasant December day ahead for Chennai.

We take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt thanks for all those who have contributed to the relief efforts of Education, a total of Rs. 61,500/- has been collected so far.  We plan to buy 3200 notebooks today and will confirm the schools where we intend to distribute before end of the day after coordinating with the volunteers. We have not met each other at all and have not spoken over phone either.  But all of you have supported us in our initiative I have no words to express my gratitude for this. Thanks once again.